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What is Field Objects Controls & Modifications?. The Complete SAP Crytal Report Developer Course 2023 [Videos].

Field objects controls are used to edit the object in the report. To edit the object, you can right click on the object name and select Format result Object Element or Conditional Formatting option as shown in the following image.

shown in the following image.

Field Object Control

Format Result Object Element field is used to change the appearance of the objects in the report. It has the following 4 tabs inside −

  • General
  • Font
  • Appearance
  • Paragraph

General tab is used to define generic properties of report objects: like height and width, hide and hide if duplicate, etc. Advanced tab in General is used to pass hyperlink in the report.

Font tab is used to change font size, color, style, alignment and rotation of object name in the report.

Appearance tab is used to change the border and to add effects to the report objects.

Paragraph tab is used to define line properties in case of multiple lines in the report.

Elements Field

Conditional formatting is used to pass conditions for appearance of report objects.

You can pass the value of an object by clicking on Add condition tab → select object name and pass condition. You can define font style, font color, etc.

Conditional Formatting

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