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How to Install WordPress?

WordPress is a free, open-source content management system (CMS), well known for its versatility and ease of use. There are a few different ways to install WordPress, from using an installer offered by a hosting provider to manually with the help of an FTP client. For beginners, installing WordPress on your own might sound intimidating at first. However, this beginner-friendly guide will showcase how to install WordPress without any technical knowledge. We will also go over some common problems that you might encounter and ways to fix them.
2-apr-2021 /12 /948

WordPress / Youtube

How to Create a Custom Page in WordPress?

By default WordPress allows you to create posts and pages. Your WordPress theme controls the appearance of your pages using a template file called page.php. This template file affects all single pages that you create in WordPress. However, as you already know that not all pages are the same. For instance, you may want to create a landing page that looks quite different from your regular website pages. In the past, creating a custom page in WordPress meant coding your own custom template using HTML, CSS, and PHP. We will cover that method, but we do not recommend it for beginners. Instead, we suggest using SeedProd or another page builder plugin to create your custom page. Simply use these quick links to jump straight to the different methods. Using SeedProd to Create a Custom Page in WordPress (Recommended) Using Beaver Builder to Create a Custom Page in WordPress Manually Creating a Custom Page Template in WordPress
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How to Create a Custom WordPress Plugin From Scratch?

Every WordPress site needs a theme to pull content from the database and display that in a design. And theoretically you could run a site with just a theme and nothing else. But that site would be very limited without the addition of plugins. Plugins add extra functionality to your WordPress site over and above what comes with WordPress core. Everything from a booking calendar or animated slider to a full-featured learning management system or online marketplace—you can add them all to your site with plugins.
5-Mar-2021 /12 /948