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The Pros of Selling on Amazon. The Complete Amazon Marketing Developer Course 2023 [Videos].

How Amazon has brilliantly achieved to carve out a piece of our brains and establish itself as the number one place for many shoppers, has become the topic of many marketing study cases. What we want to look at today is how much a retailer has to gain if they decide to sell products with the giant colossus.

These are the 4 main benefits of selling on Amazon:


1. More sales 


Each month millions of active customers visit Amazon looking to shop for products.


And the numbers dont lie:  2019 ended with the website gaining over $280.5 billion in revenue and 150 Prime members worldwide. We can see that Amazon is the number 1 place to go for most shoppers.  


By listing their products on Amazon, every retailer automatically gains credibility and trust. Thats because some users are more likely to buy a product from Amazon rather than from a shop they never heard of. Amazons promise of excellence and great service entices many shoppers into buying the products from their website. They likely have had a good experience purchasing on Amazon before, so your shop automatically benefits from that. 


In countries where online shopping hasnt yet gained full traction, most shoppers trust Amazon over almost any other online store. Its turned into a household name, especially now that more than 100 million Alexa devices have sold worldwide. Its even possible for shoppers to make voice activated purchases. 


Source: Statista


Gaining new customers

Speaking of more sales, Amazon can help you build your customer base. When shoppers head to Amazon their focus is usually on finding products rather than a specific store. But that can work to your advantage. 

The benefit here is that shoppers can come across products their interested in, and in doing so, discover your shop. 

Once they make that first purchase with you, the future lies in your hands. Based on how good their experience was, theres a higher chance youre going to see them again. Charm them with amazing service and youve got a repeat customer.


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2. International Expansion


Since Amazon is one of the biggest and most trusted global selling and buying platforms, its very easy to start selling in different markets. While theyve only launched sites for 13 countries, they do ship to over 100 countries worldwide. Its just down to the shopper if theyre potentially willing to pay a higher shipping fee based on their location. 


Using Amazon to expand globally is drastically easier when compared with most shopping cart systems. Magento offers Multiple Store views, but others require you to create a new shop for each different language. Thats a lot of work without even knowing how the product will perform in that market. 


With Amazon, any retailer can quickly test if his products appeal to the global audience by creating a listing on a local Amazon. Theyve got you covered for every aspect including international order fulfillment and localized customer support. It takes the heavy lifting off your shoulders since you dont have the hassle of figuring out local payment systems, logistics, and operations. 


Lets say youre based in the US, but would like to expand to Europe. Heres how you could list internationally


  1. Decide where you want to expand 
  2. Register in that market and list your products 
  3. Create a plan for shipping and fulfillment 
  4. Use Amazons tool to manage your business and sales


International Expansion by Selling on Amazon


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