What is Free SEO tools?. The Complete SEO Developer Course 2023 [Videos].

Many professional SEO tools cost upwards of $100 per month. Given that this is a guide to SEO basics, you may not be quite ready to invest that kind of money into powerful SEO tools like Ahrefs just yet. But not to worry. You can achieve a lot with free SEO tools.

Here are a few popular ones that help with each facet of SEO covered in chapter 4.

Keyword research tools

Google Keyword Planner

Find unique keyword ideas.

Keyword Generator

Generate hundreds of keyword ideas.

SERP Checker

Check the estimated search traffic potential for the topic based on the top three results.

Keyword Difficulty Checker

Check the Keyword Difficulty (KD) score of the keyword.

On-page SEO tools

Yoast SEO

Add title tags and meta descriptions to WordPress posts and pages.

Connekt Teacher Webmaster Tools

Find missing title tags, meta descriptions, and alt text anywhere on your site.

Link building tools

Connekt Teacher Backlink Checker

See the top 100 backlinks to any website or web page.


Get link opportunities daily. (Its technically more of a service than a tool)


Send outreach emails to link prospects. No fancy outreach software needed.

Technical SEO tools

Google Search Console

Find index coverage errors, page speed issues, and more.

Google Page Speed Test

Find index coverage errors, page speed issues, and more.

Connekt Teacher Webmaster Tools

Find 100+ SEO issues on your website, including many technical issues.

Lets wrap this up

Everything above should serve as a pretty thorough introduction to the basics of SEO. If youre looking to learn more about the four facets discussed in chapter four, we have beginners guides to each of them.

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